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Conceptual Hiphop workshop med Tentacle Tribe

Conceptual Hiphop workshop

Detour Urban Dance Festival tilbyder workshops fra de international gæsteoptræden, her er det Tentacle Tribe der afholdt en” Conceptual Hiphop ” workshop i Dansehallerne under festivalen. Her er en beskrivelse af deres undervisnings metoder.


Class description:

Conceptual Hiphop workshop

Elon & Emmanuelle founders of Tentacle Tribe have through years of experience as professional dancers (Cirque du Soleil, Rubberbandance, B-boyIZM, Cirque Eloize) developed a unique approach to dance by fusing diverse movement philosophies from a wide variety of techniques.
In this workshop, we will draw concepts from different street styles such as Popping and Breaking from a contemporary viewpoint to expand our vocabulary with an eye to an increased level of body awareness & movement consciousness.
Through geometrical shapes we will explore the capacity for the human body to inhabit multiple planes of space.
It will be physical: protective gear recommended (knee pads, shoes, hat)


Tentacle Tribe
The company was founded in 2012 while the two artists were performing their first collaboration, a duet tailored for the Cirque Du Soleil stage in Québec City. This duet, Body to Body was also adapted into a short film entitled: Elon & Emmanuelle by director Natalie Galazka which was selected in film festivals in the US, Canada, and Italy. Their second creation, When They Fall, was premiered at Festival Quartiers Danse 2012 in Montreal. A new creation is in the works and you can catch the company perform this fall at Quartiers Danse and Tangente. A dance film will also be in the works, in spring 2014 with director Marites Carino featuring Tentacle Tribe choreography.

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