Guidelines for Detour Dance Festival

Detour Dance Festival was created by Sara Jordan in 2012 as Black art was and is being commodified, but black people lack equity within the artistry they are contributing with
for the Danish Community. The lack of equity in the field of performance art has been the primary motor behind the festival’s continuance.

Detour Guidelines

Detour Dance Festival is a festival of performing arts within Black and Brown cultures, in connection to our local dance scene. We recognize that as a Danish festival we are guests in these cultural practices and arts.
Detour aims to hold space for different groups of people at our events. We aim to create a safer space and environment where we create room for people with different marginalized backgrounds and intersections. But, while we aim to do this, we recognize that we do not know everything. Detour Dance Festival encourages people to be aware of their own privileges, positions, and perspectives at our events, and to participate in holding our staff and professionals similarly accountable. We expect respect to be shown during all the festivals initiatives, therefore we have a set of guidelines so that we can all have an equitably, safe(r) and fun festival.

We as Dance Festival also recognize that safety is perceived and defined differently across
different intersections of marginalization. If anyone is harmed, we are here to take responsibility and accountability. We encourage you to contact us by mail: Or get hold of a Detour employee in real time.

Our Guidelines are:

• Detour will not tolerate any form of discrimination or prejudice. Included are all forms of homophobia, racism, anti-blackness, body shaming, transphobia, ableism, sexism, and ageism.

• Detour does not tolerate any form of violence or threats of violence including emotional violence, physical/sexual, racial, or otherwise.

• We encourage our staff, guests, and professionals not to perpetuate binary thinking around gender.

• Detour does not tolerate any form of unwanted touch
Violation of the guidelines may lead to expulsion from all events, quarantine, or termination of cooperation, both for individuals and groups.