Marie Kaae & Raffael Bender

Roots by Marie Kaae & Raffael Bender


Different roots are what separate us but also what draw us together. We have all experienced going out with family, friends and colleagues to eat something exotic. But how deep do the roots really go? Others get their roots trampled down as they are seen as dirty or different, but at the same time their culture, food and dance are taken without showing appreciation to the people behind the culture. Is it okay to show appreciation part of a culture but not the whole culture? Where is the line drawn and why is it so today? Here we get a story about two dancers who show their culture in a country that is against their roots but is happy to take away from them what they themselves need.

The performance “Roots” explores the different stages between two house dancers from Denmark. “Roots” will dive in to explore and tell a unique story where you get to experience what it’s like to be a Danish dancer with an ethnic background.

ROOTS; “A person’s original or true home, environment and culture